Pearl Laser Treatment

What is Pearl Laser Treatment?

Introducing the very latest laser treatment available on the market known for its incredible revitalizing and skin rejuvenation qualities. The innovative Pearl laser treatment uses the latest technology and research to conduct a pearl laser treatment using unique laser wavelength for a low risk but intense treatment to reverse the signs of ageing and other imperfections. The pearl laser treatment targets and treats both the epidermis and dermis with pulses of light, this in effect creates small abrasions to the skin encouraging the body’s natural production of collagen.

This exclusive type of laser skin resurfacing using a pearl laser treatment has a variety of individual treatments that each focus or target different aspects of the skin. These pearl laser treatments give the customer the option to tailor which pearl laser treatment may be best suited to their skin concern or the affected area.

Pearl Laser Treatment

The Pearl Laser Treatment Includes:

Pearl Laser Resurfacing

This type of pearl laser treatment is ideal for clients who are looking for an effective treatment on the face and neck. The pearl laser resurfacing treatment will look to help reduce the appearance of superficial line and sunspots.


Pearl Fractional Laser Resurfacing

The pearl fractional laser resurfacing treatment looks to target deeper wrinkles that are prominent on specific areas of the face. These wrinkles can range in size and depth, therefore, this pearl laser treatment gives you a choice of simple or complex treatment.


Pearl Fusion

Pearl fusion pearl laser treatment also comes with 2 different treatment options dependants on the condition of the patient. You can either choose from simple or extensive laser skin resurfacing treatment which will aim to combat and revitalise the overall texture of your face and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.

When Might a Pearl Laser Treatment Be Best for You?

Before considering jumping on the operating table even for a non-invasive procedure such as a pearl laser treatment it is essential to consider what treatment is best suited for your issue. Pearl laser treatment is ideal for patients who suffer from sun-damaged skin, deep and fine wrinkles and acne scarring however, it is best effective for those with light to medium skin tones. Alternative treatments such as chemical peels and dermabrasion are also available to treat their similar issue so be meticulous with your search, so you use the most efficient and effective treatment for you.