Everything you need to know about mole removal

Where do moles come from? 

Moles are a cluster of skin cells and are very common, usually occurring before a person reaches 20. They can appear anywhere on the body, and although most are harmless, people who have lots of moles or particularly on facial areas may find they would prefer them to be safely removed.  

Woman at Mole Removal Consultation

When should you consider mole removal? 

Mole removal is usually chosen for cosmetic reasons and individual preference. This can be due to being in a prominent position on the face or catching on things causing them to bleed. You can arrange a consultation in a specialised private cliniwho will give you information on the procedure and cost.  

Most moles are benign and are no risk at all, a small proportion can be cancerous once removed and tested in a clinical environment. It is important to check moles very regularly. If you notice a change in the size, shape or colour of a mole, it is highly recommended to seek medical advice as soon as possible.  

Options for facial mole removal  

There a few different options for mole removal, all with minimal pain, the method is chosen will be dependent on factors such as age, your skin type, the size of the mole and the location. 

  • Surgical excision – a scalpel/sharp blade is used  
  • Shaving – usually done on smaller moles, the area is numbed, and a small blade is used to shave off the mole.  
  • Laser removal – A powerful lasebreaks down the pigment within the mole, often leaving little scaring.  

After the procedure  

After the procedure, depending on the method used, you should expect a small scar and a small amount of bleeding. The scar will fade over time if kept hydrated. A benign mole won’t come back after it has been removed correctly by a professional. However, if the mole contained skin cancer cells, it might. It is so important to get test results back which should take a few weeks to be received. You should closely monitor the area and let your doctor know if you notice a change.